Welcome to HouseDoc.US


HouseDoc is an  on-line service for e-mail communications between health care providers and their patients.  The service is private and secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations. It is inteded to support the existing relationship between health care providers and their patients.  

Using e-mail instead of by phone facilitates communications while reducing waiting time and office workload.     

To initiate communications,  the Medical Provider registers with the site on line,  selects the services to offer, and informs their patients of their availability. The patients can then register online, select their respective provider's name, and request access.  Once  the provider grants access, messages can be freely exchanged between the patient and provider.      

Registration is free, and there is no charge for routine office communications. The Provider can set fees for out-of-office services such as an online consultation, renewing prescriptions, sending records, or filling out forms, in which case a  $2.00 service charge is added to the service. Payment to the Provider is authorized by credit card, at the time the service is requested.


For urgent matters, or emergencies, contact the Provider’s office directly. 


Date last modified: November 5, 2011